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My Dog Is Constipated
My Dog Is Constipated – Is it a Problem? If you’ve noticed that your dog has not been peeing or pooping, you might be rightly concerned. The inability to urinate or being constipated might indicate your dog is experiencing serious issues. Here’s some information you should know about these issues...
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Fort Lauderdale dog blood work
The Benefits of Fort Lauderdale Dog Blood Work As a dog owner, you might wonder when you should get blood work done for your pet and whether doing so is necessary. Most veterinarians, including Dr. Cotto and Dr. Cutrone at Pet Royale Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, recommend dogs should...
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Fort Lauderdale dog teeth cleaning
Fort Lauderdale Dog Teeth Cleaning Like other aspects of your dog’s health, it is important to ensure that it has good dental health through annual exams. Since dogs won’t remain still to have their teeth cleaned, general anesthesia is recommended for any dental procedure. It is safest for both your...
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Fort Lauderdale Pet Choking
Help from a Fort Lauderdale Pet Choking Vet For most people, their pets are important members of their families. It can be frightening for pet owners when their dogs or cats start choking, and some people don’t know what to do. Here are some steps to take from Fort Lauderdale...
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