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Digital Radiology

Fort Lauderdale veterinary radiology

Fort Lauderdale Veterinary Radiology Services

In the veterinary field, radiology is the specialty field that focuses on diagnostic imaging for pets. These imaging procedures typically include X-rays, which are used to take a look at internal organs, bones and other structures inside the body of your pet. Digital radiography is a modern and advanced version of the traditional X-ray and provides a safer alternative to the bulky and hazardous X-rays of the past.

At Family Pet Medical Center, we offer digital radiography services that can speed up the diagnostic process and can provide the most accurate information to our veterinary staff. Our Fort Lauderdale veterinary radiology team will work with you and your pet to provide the best care possible for your feline or canine companion.

How Digital Radiography Differs From Traditional X-rays

In the traditional X-ray process, large amounts of radiation were needed to achieve the desired results. New digital processes make it much safer and easier to pinpoint the problem area. Because digital radiography images are immediately displayed on a computer monitor, our Fort Lauderdale veterinary radiology technicians can find the issue quickly and can produce the necessary images to allow us to treat your pet in the most effective manner.

Digital radiography systems are generally equipped with digital detector arrays, which are flat panels that display high-quality digital images. These displays convert the data collected and compiled during the X-ray process to a visible form that can be used to spot fractures, cancers and other abnormalities inside the canine or feline body. Rather than requiring a large X-ray plate, these images are stored directly in the computer and can be retrieved and examined at any time after they are created. This can allow easy reference to these images to determine the current and past health condition of your pet.

When Digital Radiography Is Required

Our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital team may recommend digital radiography for your pet in a few different situations:

If we suspect that your pet has a broken bone, we will often recommend Fort Lauderdale veterinary radiology services to determine if this is the case. If a fracture is detected, we will provide prompt and caring treatment to help the bone heal quickly.

Certain diseases and conditions of the internal organs can be diagnosed by using digital radiography to take a detailed look at the condition of the heart, liver, spleen and other organs. Our team will let you know what we find and will provide you with the most up-to-date information on your pet’s current physical condition.

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Our Fort Lauderdale veterinary radiology team can use the latest technologies and tools to make sure your pet is cared for in the most practical and effective ways. We offer digital radiography, ultrasound scans, cardiology services and maintain an in-house pharmacy to ensure that your trip to our office is as comfortable and convenient as possible for you and your pet. As a leading Fort Lauderdale animal hospital, we are committed to delivering the best solutions for your cat or dog in our local veterinary office.

To learn more about the treatments we offer at Family Pet Medical Center and how they can help your pet, give us a call today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment, to request emergency care or simply to touch base with us. Our team is ready to help your pet enjoy many years of play and companionship as part of your loving family.