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Dental Prophylaxis
Learn All About Dental Prophylaxis MVZ. MSc. Andres Renato Ordoñez Dental prophylaxis is based on the maintenance of oral hygiene at home when possible and periodontal therapy carried out by the veterinarian. The purpose of the procedure is based on the removal of all the dental plaque, as well as...
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Intervertebral Disc Disease
All About Intervertebral Disc Disease By: MVZ. MSc. Andres Renato Ordoñez What is Intervertebral Disc Disease? IVDD is Intervertebral Disc Disease. All dogs’ discs degenerate with age; they lose water, become more fibrous and sometimes mineralized. VDD is a relatively common degenerative condition affecting all types of dogs, although small...
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Fort Lauderdale cat cardiologist
Help from a Fort Lauderdale Cat Cardiologist MVZ. MSc. Andres Renato Ordoñez A veterinary cardiologist studies diseases of the cardiovascular system of animals. They deal with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disorders such as heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or hypertension in animals. Pathologies in a cat’s heart can...
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Fort Lauderdale Dog Skin Infection
Help from a Fort Lauderdale Dog Skin Infection Specialist Taking good care of your pets is essential to keep these important members of your family happy and healthy. Working with a Fort Lauderdale animal hospital can help you to access the veterinary care and grooming services you need in a...
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