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Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound

Ultrasound Services for Cats and Dogs From Family Pet Medical Center

Ultrasound diagnostic tests are used to diagnose veterinary conditions that are not immediately visible during a physical examination. At Family Pet Medical Center, we offer advanced veterinary ultrasound services that can provide added information for our team in diagnosing issues with your pet’s health. These advanced tests are also used to check on the condition of pregnancies and to ensure that your dog or cat is free of issues that could affect mobility or general health. Our Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound team can provide you with the best diagnostic services for your pet. We work with you to keep your dog or cats as healthy as possible throughout your lives.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound procedures use the power of sound to create images of the interior structures inside your pet’s body. Our Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound systems use a small probe that transmits sound waves and records these waves as they return. The data collected in this way is used to create very detailed and accurate pictures of internal organs, tissues and bones. Because ultrasound procedures use sound to create these images, the process is also known as sonography.

How We Use Ultrasound Diagnostics

At Family Pet Medical Center, our Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound services are usually performed in addition to our regular array of blood work and radiological diagnostic services. These ultrasound tests are used in a variety of ways in our veterinary hospital:

  • To check on the progress of pregnancies and check on the heartbeats of the fetuses
  • To look at the structure of delicate and fine tissues after an injury
  • To identify the shape, structure and size of abdominal masses
  • To perform biopsies
  • To pinpoint the location for acquisition of a sterile urine sample
  • To assist in diagnosing certain forms of heart disease

The skilled and experienced veterinarians at Family Pet Medical Center can recommend the right diagnostic tests for your pet. We offer in-house solutions at our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital for all the veterinary needs of your cats and dogs. This can help you to manage your pet’s health requirements much more easily and in the most convenient way possible.

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Ultrasound Appointment

Our Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound procedures are non-invasive. This means that we do not need to make any type of incision or opening to perform these diagnostic scans. We will, however, often need to shave the fur on the area to be scanned. This allows a specialized gel to be applied evenly over the abdomen or other area, which is necessary for accurate imaging during your pet’s ultrasound scan.

Your cat or dog should not consume any food for at least eight hours prior to their ultrasound procedure. This ensures that your pet’s Fort Lauderdale vet ultrasound will be as accurate as possible without artifacts or interference from undigested food in the stomach or small intestines. Fasting for eight hours also provides added protection for your pet if sedation is required for this procedure.

Our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital will provide you with a clear and concise explanation of our findings. We can also give you a copy of the examination upon request. In most cases, we request that you drop off your dog or cat rather than waiting for the ultrasound. This will allow us the necessary time to prepare your pet and to interpret the results of the ultrasound examination.

At Family Pet Medical Center, we offer practical and proactive diagnostic services designed with your needs in mind. Give us a call today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound exam or any of our other services. We look forward to the chance to serve you.