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At Family Pet Medical Center, our commitment to the well-being of your furry family members extends beyond regular office hours. Our exceptional team of emergency veterinarians and staff is here 24/7, ready to provide compassionate, expert care when your pets need it most. With a wealth of experience, a passion for animals, and a shared dedication to delivering the highest standard of emergency veterinary medicine, our team is always by your side in times of crisis. Get to know the individuals who make our clinic a place of safety, comfort, and healing for your beloved pets.

Dr. Kelly Waller DVM, JD


Dr. Kelly Waller leads family Pet Medical Center with over 25 years of experience in both veterinary medicine and veterinary malpractice law. Dr. Waller was born and raised in Seattle Washington. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida, where she obtained a bachelors of science in both zoology and psychology.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she was quickly accepted to the University of Florida college of veterinary medicine. Dr. Waller moved to Gainesville to start the next chapter of her life.

In 1993 Dr. Waller graduated with her doctorate (DVM) from the University of Florida College of veterinary medicine. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Waller went back to the University of Florida college of law. In 1996 Dr. Waller graduated with her JD from University of Florida.

After a 6 month vacation around the world Dr. Waller returned to the United States and moved to South Florida to start her career. She is well known for mostly emergency and critical care medicine along with gentle compassion and extensive education to her clients.

Dr. Waller during her free time, loves to travel. If she cannot be found practicing emergency medicine, she is most likely in another country hiking in the mountains.

Dr. Justin Margolis


Dr. Justin Margolis’s path to becoming a veterinarian is a story of transformation, fueled by a love for animals and a strong desire to make a difference.​

Growing up, the medical world surrounded Dr. Margolis; his father was a respected surgeon, and his mother, a dedicated nurse. While it might have seemed like a natural fit for him to follow in their footsteps, Dr. Margolis initially embarked on a different path, pursuing a degree in Business Management. However, fate had other plans in store for him.​

A pivotal moment in Dr. Margolis’s life occurred when he tragically lost his beloved dog. The overwhelming desire to have been in the operating room to save his loyal companion’s life awakened a newfound passion within him. This event ignited a calling—an unwavering commitment to become a veterinarian and advocate for the well-being of animals.​

Recently, Dr. Margolis graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Margolis’s areas of expertise and special interest include dermatology and surgery, where he seeks to make a significant impact on the lives of his furry patients.

His commitment to excellence is further evidenced by his certification as a fear-free practitioner, ensuring that each animal he encounters experiences the utmost comfort and care.​

Outside of the office, Dr. Margolis finds solace and joy in the company of his five beloved cats and shares countless adventures with his pug, Otis, during long (but not too long) walks.

Dr. Edin Mehanovic


Dr. Edin Mehanovic is the founder and former Medical Director of Wonderlake Veterinary. Originally from Bosnia, He began his Education in Europe before moving to the United States to complete his extensive rotations. Dr. Mehanovic practiced between Illinois and Florida for many years. After deciding to live in Florida permanently, he was eager to bring his skills, compassion, experience and innovative skills to Family Pet Medical Center.

With over 30 years of veterinary experience, exceptional leadership abilities, and a renowned reputation, Dr. Mehanovic is able to deliver the highest quality of veterinary medicine at our facility.

Dr. Mehanovic is well known for his surgical abilities and heartfelt professionalism. He has been a mentor for numerous ambitious veterinarians that recently graduated.

His professional interests include Cardiology and Surgery. Dr. Mehanovic advocates on a handful of committees that are constantly improving the field of veterinary medicine. He has created several memorable life changing moments for pet owners

When rarely not practicing Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Mehanovic enjoys traveling, biking, and boating.

Dr. Ilaria Monti


Dr. Ilaria Monti is a double-boarded European and American veterinarian in South Florida. She was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where she spent most of her life and graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2015.

She started working in a famous emergency clinic while studying for the EFGVC. Helping with many ultrasounds in an emergency, she became passionate about Diagnostic Imaging and started her new focus, attending a full immersion, seven months long ultrasound class and subsequently an entire immersion cardiology class, where she acquired echocardiography skills.

In 2019, Dr. Monti opened her mobile ultrasound service (Vetscan) and started collaborating with an Internal medicine company (VIMG) in South Florida. Together, they were able to serve more than 350 clinics!

Dr. Monti boasts vast veterinary and diagnostic imaging knowledge acquired from the European and American continents that she applies daily to her studies, helping veterinarians find answers quickly and efficiently.​

Dr. Monti is a proud fear-free practitioner and member of ACVR, AVMA, IVUSS, and Fast-Vet. In addition, she fluently speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. She has six cats, a 6-year-old daughter, and loves traveling the world in her spare time!

Dr. Luis Bolfer


Dr. Luiz Bolfer was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, where his love for animals led him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Upon his graduation from veterinary school in 2006, he traveled to the US to pursue his passion for veterinary emergency and critical and cardiology.

He did an internship in Small Animal Medicine at The Bobst Hospital of The Animal Medical Center followed by a Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship at the University of Illinois. Upon completion of his internships, he did a residency in Emergency and Critical Care at the University of Florida, followed by a residency in Cardiology combined with a PhD in Clinical Cardiology in Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Research. His research focused on gene therapy treatments for Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in Doberman Pinschers and was published in Nature.

Dr. Bolfer is the medical director of a 24-hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Orlando, as well as the owner of Central Florida Veterinary Cardiology. Dr. Bolfer enjoys spending time with his wife Lillian and their two children, Lydia and Leonardo.

Dr. Hayley Barr


Dr. Haley Barr is newly graduated veterinarian of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her undergraduate education at Stetson University in 2016 and returned to Florida to practice medicine. She hopes to employ the use of my skills in a fulfilling career that involves helping people and animals.

Dr. Nikki Cutrone


Dr. Aaron Lazerson