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Call us today: (954) 567-2500

Surgical Procedures

Fort Lauderdale pet surgery

Advanced Fort Lauderdale Pet Surgery Solutions

The team at Family Pet Medical Center understand that veterinary surgical procedures can cause stress both for your pet and for the rest of your family. Our Fort Lauderdale pet surgery team will work with you and your pet to ensure that you receive the best care from our veterinary team. We offer traditional surgical procedures as well as laser surgery, which can significantly improve your pet’s prognosis and reduce recovery times after surgery. Our team is committed to compassionate and caring services for our four-legged patients and for their families.

Types of Surgeries We Perform

Along with spay and neutering services, we can also provide emergency or urgent care surgical procedures for the following issues:

  • Removing cancerous growths on the skin or inside the body
  • Stopping internal bleeding caused by trauma or injury
  • Removing intestinal obstructions
  • Repairing torn ACL or cruciate ligaments
  • Treating fractures
  • Removing blockages in the urinary tract, including bladder stones

Our Fort Lauderdale pet surgery team can provide the best and most practical solutions for managing these issues and restoring your pet to health quickly.

Benefits of Laser Surgeries for Pets

Laser surgeries reduce the damage to surrounding tissues and limit the blood loss that could occur during traditional surgeries. Some of the most important benefits of choosing laser surgery include the following:

  • Faster recovery times for pets because of minimized surrounding tissue damage
  • Sealing of blood vessels and nerves to reduce bleeding and pain during and after the surgery
  • A reduced risk of infection during the recovery period

The surgical team at our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital will work with you to determine the best and most practical ways to address issues with your pet’s health. Our team can provide you with the right surgical solutions for all types of issues that could affect the health of your beloved pet.

Soft Tissue Laser Surgery Procedures

In some cases, laser surgery techniques can be used to repair tissues that have been injured or damaged in an accident. These laser surgery procedures can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for recovery and can help your pet to feel better much more quickly than more traditional surgical methods.

After the Procedure

When your pet’s surgical procedure is complete, we may ask that you leave your dog or cat with us overnight or longer for observation. When your pet does go home, we will usually send along pain medication and, in some cases, a collar that will prevent your pet from biting at the area during recovery. We will let you know when to bring your pet back to our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital to remove stitches or to check on the progress of your pet’s recovery.

If you need the most advanced and practical help for your dog or cat, Family Pet Medical Center offers surgical solutions and preventive care that can help you feel much more confident about the health of your pet. Our team of veterinary experts can provide dental care, surgeries, vaccinations and check-ups that can provide you with valuable peace of mind. Give us a call today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment or to request emergency care after our regular operating hours. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergency appointments. Family Pet Medical Center will be there when you need us most.