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Call us today: (954) 567-2500

In-House Laboratory

Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab

The Benefits of Our In-house Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

When your pet is unwell, finding out what is causing the problem can be a real challenge. At Family Pet Medical Center, we can meet that challenge with diagnostic services that can provide the right information for our veterinary experts. Our Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab is located inside our animal hospital, which can significantly speed up test results and can help us provide your pet with the best care in our area.

Testing Services From Our Fort Lauderdale Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

At Family Pet Medical Center, we can perform a wide range of testing procedures right in our own laboratory. This can save you time and money when determining the physical condition of your pet. Some of the most important and commonly requested tests we perform in our lab include the following:

  • Fecal examinations to detect parasites
  • Viral testing to identify cases of feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus and parvovirus
  • Testing for pancreatitis
  • Cytology tests for skin, ears and masses
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Examinations for heartworm disease
  • Blood gas spectrometry services

Our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital can deliver practical and speedy testing options that will allow faster treatment for your pet in our veterinary hospital.

Cultures and Panels

Along with tests for various diseases, parasites and other ailments, our Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab can grow and examine cultures to determine the cause of other issues that may affect your pet’s health. These include tick panels, comprehensive thyroid panels, vaccine titers, cytology examinations and both fungal and bacterial cultures. These testing methods will allow Family Pet Medical Center staff members to determine the underlying issues that could be causing your pet distress.

Why In-House Diagnostic Labs Matter

Family Pet Medical Center’s Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab offers significant benefits for our patients and their families. Some of the most important advantages of maintaining an in-house diagnostic laboratory include the following:

  • Faster results can add up to faster treatment for issues. In some cases, a faster diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death for your pet.
  • In-house diagnostic services can also save you time when managing your pet care obligations. This can significantly speed up your appointments and can sometimes allow you to receive results for testing before you leave our office with your pet.
  • If your dog or cat is a regular patient at our facility, our technicians know your pet and can more accurately interpret the results of testing performed in our offices. This can promote improved outcomes for your pet when seeking treatment from our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital.

By maintaining our on-site Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab, we can provide you with the fastest turnaround times for regular tests and emergency situations. This can often translate into improved care for your pet whenever diagnostic services are required.

Experience Makes the Difference

Our staff members can provide you with the best care and the most accurate diagnostic services. Our Fort Lauderdale veterinary diagnostic lab is equipped with the latest equipment and offers practical help for your pet when time is of the essence. We go the extra mile to make sure your pet is cared for and treated with the most effective strategies in the veterinary field.

If you need state-of-the-art diagnostic treatments for your dog or cat, Family Pet Medical Center can provide you with the right solutions for your needs. We are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergencies. Give us a call today at 954-567-2500 to schedule your appointment with us and to ensure that your cat or dog receives the best veterinary care in Fort Lauderdale.