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All About Furunculosis From the Experts at Family Pet Medical Center

Fort Lauderdale Dog Skin Infection

Help from a Fort Lauderdale Dog Skin Infection Specialist

Taking good care of your pets is essential to keep these important members of your family happy and healthy. Working with a Fort Lauderdale animal hospital can help you to access the veterinary care and grooming services you need in a safe and comfortable environment. Improper grooming practices can sometimes lead to serious health issues for dogs in our area. Here are some things you should know about furunculosis and how it can affect your dog now and in the future. If your pet is suffering from anyone of the symptoms below, contact our Fort Lauderdale dog skin infection specialist at Family Pet Medical Center right away.

What Is Furunculosis?

Furunculosis is a serious skin infection that can affect the follicles of your pet’s fur. This condition is often the result of shaving hair too closely, which can cause irritation of the hair follicles and can allow bacteria to gain a foothold in these irritated areas. Furunculosis caused by improper grooming is usually caused by bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa that can also cause infections of the ears and other parts of the body. Infections caused by this bacterial strain can be very resistant to antibiotics and can pose serious threats to the health of your pet. In severe cases, furunculosis and the bacteria that cause it can result in fever and infections of the internal organs that can be life-threatening for your dog.

How Furunculosis Is Spread

Improper grooming of your pet’s fur can cause irritation of the skin, which can allow Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria to gain a foothold in the follicles of your pet’s fur. Since some groomers use the same shampoo bottles for multiple dogs, the potential for the spread of this bacteria and the development of furunculosis is high in these environments. The presence of water can also increase the risk of this serious veterinary condition for your pet. Working with a Fort Lauderdale dog skin infection specialist is often the best way to resolve problems with furunculosis and to protect your pet’s health against the serious side effects of this illness.

Symptoms of Furunculosis

After a trip to the groomer, it is important to watch for the warning signs of furunculosis. Some of the most common symptoms of this skin condition can appear within two or three days of the grooming appointment:

  • A small red bump or series of bumps that are visible shortly after your dog has been groomed
  • Swelling or discoloration around bumps and increases in size over the next few days
  • Pain in the area in which the bumps or boils are present
  • Changes in the position of the tail and inflammation surrounding the affected area
  • Excessive grooming of the area
  • Lethargy or irritability

If your pet shows any of these signs, it is vital that you visit your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital as quickly as possible to begin treatment and to resolve these issues for your beloved family pet. Working with a veterinarian who specializes in Fort Lauderdale dog skin infection cases can provide the best chance of recovery for your canine companion and can promote faster healing to help your dog feel better quickly.

Diagnosing Furunculosis

During your visit to your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital, the veterinarian will perform a physical examination and will typically perform skin scrapings and needle biopsies of the affected areas to determine the precise cause of the infection. If furunculosis is confirmed, your pet will usually begin treatment right away to fight the infection and to reduce the discomfort your dog feels from this condition.

Treatment Options for Furunculosis in Dogs

In most cases, your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to combat the infection associated with furunculosis. Some strains of the bacteria that cause this condition are antibiotic-resistant, however, so it may take a considerable amount of time to bring the infection under control. Your Fort Lauderdale dog skin infection specialist may need to use several courses of different antibiotics to ensure that your pet is healthy once again. Prompt treatment is essential to protect the health of your pet after contracting this serious skin condition.

Preventing Furunculosis in the Future

Working with a qualified and trusted pet groomer who uses the best products and who maintains best practices when caring for your dog can help you to avoid furunculosis. If you bathe your pets at home, always use new shampoo from its original bottle without diluting it. This can help you to avoid the growth of the bacteria that causes this skin condition and can ensure that your pets stay healthier.

At Family Pet Medical Center, we offer the best care for your pets. We are part of the Family Pet Medical Center family and offer an array of services designed with your family’s needs in mind. Our skilled veterinarians will work with you to find the right services and care for dogs and cats of all ages from birth until old age. Give our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital a call today at 954-567-2400 to schedule an appointment or to request emergency services. We look forward to the chance to serve you and the four-legged members of your family.

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