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How to Keep My Pet Healthy?

How to Keep My Pet Healthy

A balanced diet is an important point for the health of our pets.  Their nutrition is affected by specific factors (age, physiological state, activity), diet (nutrient imbalance, deterioration, pollution, adulteration) of feeding practices implemented in the home (frequency of feeding, feeding method) and environmental factors (space, other animals and quality of the environment).

To calculate the nutritional requirement of our pets, weight is required expressed in kilograms or pounds as appropriate and the degree of physical activity that presents, with which, added to the analysis of the body condition allows to make the necessary adjustments to nourish them properly, maintain a good state of health and thus prolong their half-life and prevent the appearance of diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus and urinary conditions in the case of our felines.

The diet of our pets in addition to satisfying their energy needs, must be perfectly balanced so it must provide water, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals so it is essential that everyone interact with each other to maintain adequate nutrition.

The supply of water is essential for all the metabolic processes of your body and most importantly because water allows you to regulate body temperature. Our pets drink water directly or through food, so they should always have fresh water at their disposal to drink, free of unpleasant smells and tastes, always checking the conditions of their drinking fountains.

In the case of felines, the ingestion of water is essential and especially through food, so wet food is preferable.

There are foods that have, in addition to animal protein vegetable oils, minerals, vitamins, among other essential amino acids such as taurine, which in the case of cats is a mandatory ingredient, because the body of felines unlike canines does not produce this enzyme that prevents cardiovascular diseases, nervous attacks, principles of blindness, among other conditions.

Carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are macronutrients that provide energy to different tissues and exhibit specific metabolic functions. Carbohydrates are not essential macronutrients; despite this, they are supplied in the diet because they are a source of energy and dietary fiber, in dry foods there is a higher concentration than in wet foods.

Minerals and vitamins are essential for animals, which perform several specific functions in the body. As for example vitamin A which is an essential fat-soluble vitamin, has a fundamental function in vision and skin; Phosphorus which is an essential macromineral participates in energy transfer.

Fats provide essential fatty acids offering an adequate environment for the absorption of certain vitamins.

Proteins are composed of amino acids that develop, repair organs and tissues, transport molecules, send messages from one organ to another, and fight disease. Animals do not need proteins per se, but rather, essential amino acids and a certain amount of nitrogen.

Currently there are several products that contain aminoacids for supplementation in the diet of canines. These products have different presentations such as, capsules, droppers, tablets, tablets and powders, the supplementation of amino acids in the diet of canines is beneficial in cases of diseases and malnutrition mainly.

Our mission is to help pet owners to  provide adequate amounts of food on a daily basis, through the evaluation and calculation of their requirements, taking into account the type of food,  the physiological state of the animal, in a more exact way, adjusting the rations and combined with exercise and play practices for the pet, with the intention of reducing health effects and having a healthy pet, so we invite you to visit us, our medical professionals will recommend the best food for your pet,  your proper portion and track your weight to know you’re keeping it healthy and fit.

Our medical team is highly trained to maintain the health of our furry, Family Pet Medical Center – Family Pet Center we are always ready to give you the attention you deserve. Call our Fort Lauderdale veterinarian office today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment or request emergency services.

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