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How Often Should I Take My Cat to the Vet?

Fort Lauderdale Cat Check Up

In Need of a Fort Lauderdale Cat Check Up?

Your pets depend on you to schedule regular visits to your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital for routine exams, vaccinations and other treatments. If you have a cat or kitten, knowing when to schedule your Fort Lauderdale cat check up can provide you with added peace of mind about the well-being of your feline friend. Working with a trusted veterinary hospital is typically the best way to establish a schedule for routine care that works for you and your kitten or cat in our area. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when deciding how often to take your feline companion to the veterinarian’s office.

Consider the Age of Your Cat

Kittens require more frequent visits to your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital than older cats usually do. This is because kittens must undergo examinations and tests to make sure they are healthy. Vaccinations must also be administered to protect your kitten from some of the most serious illnesses that can affect your feline friend. After your kitten reaches one year of age, you can usually begin scheduling annual appointments for your pet’s Fort Lauderdale cat check up.

Taking your adult cat to the veterinarian at least once yearly can ensure that any issues are spotted early and treated before they become threats to your pet’s health. If your cat has existing health issues, you may need to see your veterinarian more often to keep these conditions under control and to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Many vaccinations require annual boosters, so your yearly visit will provide added protection for your beloved animal companion.

Older cats are more likely to develop veterinary conditions that require the attention of your local animal hospital. In most cases, it makes sense to schedule a Fort Lauderdale cat check up for your older cat at least twice a year to prevent serious issues from developing.

Plan Ahead When Adopting a Cat

If you have recently adopted a cat, you should schedule a visit with your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital as soon as possible to have your kitten or cat checked for any illnesses or conditions that could affect his or her health. By scheduling an exam for the new arrival in your family, you can make sure that the transition is as seamless and positive as possible for you and your new four-legged feline friend. Your cat may also require vaccinations to ensure the greatest safety for yourself, your other pets and your new arrival.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

If your cat is displaying signs of distress, a trip to your local veterinary office or animal hospital is essential to determine the cause of the problem. Your veterinarian will examine your pet to identify issues that could be causing discomfort or strange behavior. This will help your pet to stay healthy and happy for many years into the future.

At Family Pet Medical Center, we offer practical help in keeping your cat or kitten healthy. We also offer emergency services for pet owners who call ahead. Give us a call today at 954-567-2500 to schedule your Fort Lauderdale cat check up or to request emergency help for your feline companion. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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