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Dr. Kelly Waller DVM, JD


Dr. Kelly Waller leads family Pet Medical Center with over 25 years of experience in both veterinary medicine and veterinary malpractice law. Dr. Waller was born and raised in Seattle Washington. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida, where she obtained a bachelors of science in both zoology and psychology.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she was quickly accepted to the University of Florida college of veterinary medicine. Dr. Waller moved to Gainesville to start the next chapter of her life.

In 1993 Dr. Waller graduated with her doctorate (DVM) from the University of Florida College of veterinary medicine. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Waller went back to the University of Florida college of law. In 1996 Dr. Waller graduated with her JD from University of Florida.

After a 6 month vacation around the world Dr. Waller returned to the United States and moved to South Florida to start her career. She is well known for mostly emergency and critical care medicine along with gentle compassion and extensive education to her clients.

Dr. Waller during her free time, loves to travel. If she cannot be found practicing emergency medicine, she is most likely in another country hiking in the mountains.

Dr. Edin Mehanovic


Dr. Edin Mehanovic is the founder and former Medical Director of Wonderlake Veterinary. Originally from Bosnia, He began his Education in Europe before moving to the United States to complete his extensive rotations. Dr. Mehanovic practiced between Illinois and Florida for many years. After deciding to live in Florida permanently, he was eager to bring his skills, compassion, experience and innovative skills to Family Pet Medical Center.

With over 30 years of veterinary experience, exceptional leadership abilities, and a renowned reputation, Dr. Mehanovic is able to deliver the highest quality of veterinary medicine at our facility.

Dr. Mehanovic is well known for his surgical abilities and heartfelt professionalism. He has been a mentor for numerous ambitious veterinarians that recently graduated.

His professional interests include Cardiology and Surgery. Dr. Mehanovic advocates on a handful of committees that are constantly improving the field of veterinary medicine. He has created several memorable life changing moments for pet owners

When rarely not practicing Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Mehanovic enjoys traveling, biking, and boating.

Dr. Nicole Cotto


Dr. Cotto was born and raised near the coast of Puerto Rico. Dr. Cotto realized at a very young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She always had a passion for helping animals and knew her destined path. After moving to the United States Dr. Cotto graduated Tuskegee University of Veterinary Medicine and received her DVM degree. after numerous rotations at some of the biggest hospitals in Yonkers and Rochester in, New York; Houston, Texas; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. She eventually moved to south Florida. 

Dr. Cotto takes extreme passion in practicing emergency and critical care. Dr. Cotto is usually seen in the treatment room writing her notes and dancing to Gloria Estefan. Occasionally you will see Dr. Cotto’s companion Scarlet following her to work and lounging in the doctors office. When not working or seeing emergency cases, Dr. Cotto loves putting her creative mind into action by crafting, painting or creating clay jewelry. She also enjoys, running, dancing, traveling and exploring new places.

Dr. Ilaria Monti


Dr. Ilaria Monti is a double-boarded European and American veterinarian in South Florida. She was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where she spent most of her life and graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2015. She worked for a year in a multi-specialty hospital in Rome and, upon moving to the United States in 2017, Dr. Monti established in Miami, FL, for five years. She started working in a famous emergency clinic while studying for the EFGVC. Helping with many ultrasounds in an emergency, she became passionate about Diagnostic Imaging and started her new focus, attending a full immersion, seven months long ultrasound class and subsequently an entire immersion cardiology class, where she acquired echocardiography skills. In 2019, Dr. Monti opened her mobile ultrasound service (Vetscan) and started collaborating with an Internal medicine company (VIMG) in South Florida. Together, they were able to serve more than 350 clinics! Her passion for Diagnostic Imaging grew immensely, and she visited many diagnostic imaging departments within the US and Europe, where she could shadow and learn from board-certified radiologists. In 2021, Dr. Monti moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a Radiology Internship at Sage Veterinary Imaging.
Back in Florida, she found a new innovative ultrasound service tailored to clinicians’ needs, destined to grow exponentially in the next few months.

Dr. Monti boasts vast veterinary and diagnostic imaging knowledge acquired from the European and American continents that she applies daily to her studies, helping veterinarians find answers quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Monti is a proud fear-free practitioner and member of ACVR, AVMA, IVUSS, and Fast-Vet. In addition, she fluently speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. She has six cats, a 6-year-old daughter, and loves traveling the world in her spare time!

Dr. Nikki Cutrone


Dr. Aaron Lazerson


Tor P.

Front Office Manager

Tor joined our team in 2021 shortly after moving to Florida from Västerås Sweden. Tor is responsible for an overall coordination of a broad range of services/resources that allow the organization to operate efficiently, however his favorite part of his position is sneaking treats to the fur babies that greet him. When he is not working, Tor enjoys traveling to new countries, reading, and cooking shrimp for his cat basil. Tor has fostered and adopted both cats and dogs with his family over the last 15 years, and brings compassion and extensive knowledge of animals to Family Pet.

Big Ben

Captain Front Desk

Ashley Mei Torrenti

Charge Nurse

Gaby B.

Veterinary Nurse


ICU Nurse

Brittany Z.

Front Desk

Kayla Binnall

Front Desk

Kayla Binnall is one of the receptionists at Family Pet Medical Center. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors in biology, and plans on attending veterinary school in the upcoming years. She plans on specializing in ophthalmology. She has dreamed of becoming a vet from a young age, and loves animals. She has two shiba inus and two orange cats.


Front Desk



Greeter and CTO ( Chief tasting officer) Bear

Labador Bear has spent his life meeting and greeting at various veterinary practices. Bear has a playful personality and loves all types of food. Come visit bear and bring him one of your favorite dog treats he will return the favor with you.