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All About Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs and Cats

Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic problems can affect both dogs and cats and can pose serious issues for mobility and comfort for these four-legged friends. Working with a Fort Lauderdale animal hospital with experience in orthopedic surgery procedures can help you protect the health and well-being of your pet and can help to keep your cat or dog mobile and happy for many years into the future. Here are some facts every pet owner should know about Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery procedures and the conditions they are designed to treat.

Common Orthopedic Problems in Cats and Dogs

Some orthopedic conditions in pets are the result of strenuous physical activity or accidental tearing of muscles or ligaments. In other cases, however, genetic factors can play an important role in causing issues that could require Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery procedures. Some degenerative diseases are also to blame for producing problems with mobility or causing pain in dogs and cats. Some of the most common orthopedic problems in dogs include the following:

  • Cruciate ligament tears are one of the most common injuries caused by physical activities. Torn ligaments typically require help from a Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery specialist to restore free movement and to prevent arthritis from developing later in the dog’s life.
  • Patellar luxation occurs when the kneecap of your dog slides out of place. This requires a surgical procedure at your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital to correct. Depending on the size of your dog, the cost of surgical treatment for this condition can be thousands of dollars.
  • Dogs that are susceptible to disc problems can develop chronic lower back problems that can affect their ability to walk and run. Some breeds are more susceptible to this condition than others. Your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital can run tests to see if your dog may be at risk.
  • Hip dysplasia is one of the most common orthopedic issues in dogs. This hereditary disease is most common in larger dogs and can be treated conservatively with medications or more aggressively with hip replacement therapies.

Cats can also develop issues that require the help of your Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery team. Some of the most common conditions that require surgical intervention in cats include the following:

  • As with dogs, hip dysplasia in cats is a genetic disease that affects purebred cats more frequently than mixed-breed cats. Most cases of feline hip dysplasia can be treated with medication and weight loss. In some cases, however, surgery may be recommended to restore a greater range of motion and to ensure your cat’s comfort.
  • Bone fractures can also occur, especially for younger and more active cats. Your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital can diagnose and treat these issues to help your cat feel better more quickly.
  • Osteoarthritis in cats is also referred as feline degenerative joint disease. If your cat is getting older, it may be evident that the activities once enjoyed as a kitten are becoming more difficult and painful for your pet. While medication can sometimes provide a degree of relief from pain for your cat, your veterinarian may recommend a Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery procedure for severe or advanced cases of feline osteoarthritis.
  • A condition that primarily affects kittens and aging cats, tendon contracture can cause deformities of the feet and can make it difficult for cats to navigate the world around them. Most cases of tendon contracture resolve themselves naturally as the kitten grows up and becomes more mobile. Older cats and severe cases, however, may require surgical intervention to improve mobility and to reduce pain associated with this condition.

Treatment Options for Veterinary Orthopedic Conditions

In most cases, your Fort Lauderdale animal hospital will begin by using a conservative treatment that may include splinting the injured area, prescribing medications and helping you to plan a weight-loss regimen for pets that may have put on a few extra pounds.

If surgery is required, your Fort Lauderdale pet orthopedic surgery team will explain all aspects of this treatment option and will provide you with the best recommendations for managing your pet’s veterinary condition. This can help you and your pet to live your very best lives now and in the future.

At Family Pet Medical Center, we are a division of Family Pet Medical Center with a real commitment to pet health and well-being in the Fort Lauderdale area. Our team of orthopedic surgery specialists can help your dog or cat to stay mobile and healthy for many years to come. Call us today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment or to request emergency care for your pet. Our Fort Lauderdale animal hospital is here to serve you.

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