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A New Member Has Arrived in Our Family!!! How Should I Take Care of It, What Should I Do?

New Pet Tips

New Pet Tips from Family Pet Medical Center

We here at Family Pet Medical Center are happy to provide you with these new pet tips listed below.  We offer a large variety of veterinary services and our highly trained medical team is ready to treat your pet like royalty.

1. Go to the veterinarian

Our furry as soon as it reaches our homes should be taken to the veterinarian, either purchased or adopted, so that they can give us the booklet of all their vaccines and medical history, so they will let us know if it is really in good condition, you can solve questions you have, and a story will be opened in the veterinarian to which they will begin to take you.

2. Deworming

A puppy should be dewormed internally at one week of birth and externally at 8 weeks, veterinarians will advise the owners of the best medications to be able to perform it safely, since it must be done monthly.

3. Vaccines

Vaccines should begin around 8 weeks of age, and since then it is repeated annually with a booster shot. During the first months of life the vaccines are administered in doses in a row, while this supply happens the puppy is better not to go for a walk since it can be infected with serious diseases, since the necessary immunity has not yet been created.

4. Necessary accessories

These are some of the accessories to prepare the home upon the arrival of our pet:

5. Dining rooms and drinking fountains

These are achieved in all sizes and colors, the most recommended for

that they do not find allergies or diseases will not be indicated by specialists.

6. Bed

Puppies tend to destroy, bite, scratch beds, so it is advisable to use blankets or old clothes while they pass that stage, also because this helps them become familiar with the smell of forks. Now that a definitive bed is already decided, it must be taken into account that it is easy to groom it, has the optimal size, and comfort that the canine may need, at the time of his rest.

7. Hygiene

For this process a soap or shampoo and brush is necessary. The veterinarian may be asked if he needs anything special for the care of his coat. Tooth brushing is paramount, as well as that of the coat.

8. Walk

It is necessary a harness, identification leash, microchip to go out with the puppy to the street, in case our furry one goes astray can be located.

We must carry with us small bags to collect your needs.

9. Medicine cabinet

These products will be recommended to us by our trusted veterinarian. They are basic products that should always be kept in the house, such as disinfectants, thermometer, disposable gloves, alcohol-free cleaning towels, gauze and the number of our veterinarian in case of emergencies.

10. Toys

We must take into account the type of energy that our pet possesses, and that can easily destroy toys and it is better in these cases to buy toys that are recommended by our specialists.

11. Educating my furry

The basic care of education that should be given to a pet, is how to behave at the time of a walk, teach where to do the needs, that you should not pull the leash, learn to answer the call, basic instructions such as sitting and removing. In development it is always essential to take them for a walk so that they discharge the energy, and so they do not make mischief at home.

In other possibilities is to be able to pay a trainer, for the canine to learn to socialize with people and other animals, to behave at home and on the street and to respect spaces.

12. Exercise it

The exercise in the pet is paramount, that is the means through which they channel the accumulated energy, for this you must dedicate time for play inside and outside the home. At the time of going for walks you should let them run, but without excess, since it is harmful to the health of the canine; the most advisable thing is that the walks last from 20 to 40 minutes.

13. Our attention to them

A pet  needs a lot of attention, so before adopting or buying one we must  take into account the disposition of time, a pet that is not given the necessary attention will have behavioral problems and we will not be able to manage their behavior.

Our pet must learn to relate to other dogs and people. Through socialization, your dog also learns to get along with other animals and to differentiate children from adults.

Why is it important for our pet to socialize?

The socialization of the dog is indispensable in its education since that will prevent, in part, the appearance of behavioral problems in adult dogs, such as aggressiveness or fear. A well-socialized dog is easier to train and can be accepted more easily by other people and pets.

Do you want more new pet tips to enjoy the arrival of your furry home?

Come, join us and we will find the best solution for your pet, we have an oral x-ray machine and of course our medical team is highly trained to maintain the health of our furry, Family Pet Medical Center – Family Pet Center we are always ready to give you the attention you deserve. Call our Fort Lauderdale Animal Hospital today at 954-567-2500 to schedule an appointment or request emergency services.

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